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Thursday, January 1, 2009


Welcome to 2009 !!!

Dear Readers,

This is a clarion call on you to finish the year 2008 strong and start 2009 stronger.
Great things await only those that dare to take them.
2009, comes with great opportunities, some of which are listed below for your perusal/consideration and you are implored to take adequate measures to implement some of these steps and see yourself on top in the new year 2009.

1. Grab every opportunity that comes your way in the year 2009, voraciously.
Several people were unable to achieve their goals in 2008 simply because they they were unable to discover opportunities.
Myles Munroe quoted,"Opportunity awaits those who dare".
So, make op your mind to search for opportunities and take advantage of every one you come across.
If you are a job seeker, make use of every available channel to seek your dream job.Do not give in to distractions/discouragement.
Give it your best shot in 2009. Grab every opportunity.

2. Be determined to win in every deal you engage yourself.
Irrespective of what you face in 2009,be determined to win.
I am a living testimony to this.In 2008, I planned to hold a public workshop on Blogging and Google Adsense. Few weeks to the slated date , I started doubting whether the workshop will be a success, but because I have determined to win in all that I do I decided not to call it quit to my greatest surprise the workshop went successfully.
That is the power of Focus.
I enjoin you to keep your mind straight in 2009 and win like never before.

3. Believe in yourself.
Another thing that will surely contribute to your success in this year is the attribute of self-believing.
Believe in God and in yourself that you can make it Bigger.
Caution: Never look down on yourself. Irregardless of the challenge that may come your way,just believe you can do it.

4. Take stock of your achievements and/or weakness.
Lastly,take stock of your achievements.
Set a Target for yourself and ensure you discipline yourself enough to meet up with your goals. If you are an Internet Marketer or an Info-preneur, make up your mind to go extra mile this year. You can be whoever you chose to be if you are determined to.

I wish you success in this wonderful year as you make thousands of dollars both online and offline.

Do have a wonderful Year.

To your success,

Engr. Joseph Darelle

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