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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Other Businesses You Can Do As A Blogger.

At times I sit myself down quietly and ask a frequent question,which is, " Is there no other business I can do as a Blogger on the internet and still make money?"

Then, it dawned on me that there are thousands of opportunity on the internet.
Opportunities are only waiting for those who are ready and not those who are dreaming.

Super businesses you can do as a blogger.

1.Consultant: You can venture into blogging consultancy. Remember, this must be within your niche.
you can charge per hour to conduct one-on-one training at your convenience or proffer soltuions via the internet/phone and earn your money per hour or however you want it.
This is what I'm currently into and I have made a couple of bucks from my 9ija guys who want to know more about internet-money-making-secrets.
Many Probloggers on net are also into this kind of business which so many people have over-looked overtimes.e.g Darren Rowse of www.problogger.com.

2.Seminar Hosting
You can bethe iniatiator of seminars for other people who want to learn.
That is the newest dimension the internet business is going in this new year.
Collection of Pros for a seminar will pull ever ready crowd toyour seminar venue.Thereby generating you a one time income that is far more than other peoples monthly salaries.

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4sure said...

thank you Engr.JOSEPH fo getting in tourch.i love your blogg content, you are doing a great job.