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Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to Use Small Sites to Sell Affiliate Products

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I want you to relax and enjoy the basic secrets of making money on line with small sites or blogs.

I sell a lot of hard products from these types of sites. (By hard products, I mean stuff you actually have to ship.) I'll set up a site for a particular niche, then write a lot of product descriptions. These are not just a quick line or two. I want my site to lend some kind of value to the process! But I do not include everything, and at the bottom of the description, I'll usually write something like:
"To get the details, see Amazon's description."
All or part of that sentence is a link to Amazon with my affiliate code in it. As soon as my prospect clicks on that link, I'll get credit for the sale--for the duration of Amazon's cookie.
Now that you know what an affiliate site is, let me warn you about something--not a big thing, but just something you need to be aware of.
Google doesn't like sites that are too thin.
If your site is merely a series of pages with affiliate links, or with bare bones product descriptions (especially if you cut and pasted them from the affiliate merchant's own product description), then Google tends not to like this.
Currently they have human editors who evaluate sites and if they meet a certain number of criteria, then they are flagged as "thin affiliate sites" (a pejorative in Google's eyes).
To avoid this, let me tell you what you need on your site so that Google feels like you have enough substance there to give your visitors a valuable experience.
Despite what I said about slipperiness, you don't want to just give the bare essentials. A little opinion of your own will go a long way toward keeping Google happy.
Having articles that discuss aspects of what you're selling are a good idea. You might want to compare one popular item to competitor's item.
As an advanced topic, if you can manage a price comparison chart, Google loves that. How to do that is beyond this article, but with a little work on the web, you can figure that out.
Finally, you need a contact page with a real address and phone number. I'm not sure if the address needs to be totally "legitimate" or not. I rent a box from UPS that I use as the address of most of my sites. Needless to say I don't use my own home phone number!
If you make your site useful, then you should be okay. I've not had any problem with Google discounting my sites, even though I have many, many of them that don't even have the bare essentials I mentioned.
When I build a new site, however, I try to keep it within Google's guidelines.
Let me just reiterate--I love thin affiliate sites. I've had great success with them. You can, too. Don't worry about Google too much. Just build the site and see what happens.
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